Can massage chairs relieve headaches?

  1. How to achieve active rest?

It often happens that, after a particularly busy day, we feel so tired that we are unable to sleep: the overexcited nervous system, fatigued muscles and accumulated lactic acid do not allow us to relax and we spend the night awake, which it causes annoying headaches the next day.

Have you ever heard of active rest? If your answer has been negative, keep reading, because in this case we will reveal the solution to your problems. Thanks to the massaging action of our armchairs you can restore the correct posture, the biochemical balance of your body and relieve headaches.

How to achieve active rest?

The massage rollers of our chairs, such as the Luxury 4D massage chair, are capable of stimulating muscle and nerve groups, offering rapid relief from head, neck and back pain. The massage heads act on the back, neck, head and legs, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation even in peripheral areas and promoting relaxation throughout the body. This massage system allows you to choose between different types of massage to meet different needs and requirements.


Performs a shaping stretch of the back muscles and promotes decompression of the spine, stretching of the intervertebral space and relaxation of the muscles. This type of massage is ideal for relieving pain caused by cervical compression, low back pain, lumbosciatica, contractures, to combat physical stress and insomnia, and to release muscle tension.


It reproduces the pressure massage that stimulates all the muscles of the back and helps to relieve pain and tension. It has a positive effect on peripheral and cardiac blood circulation, relieves and improves pre-existing inflammatory states, relieves neck pain, helps reduce fatigue after physical exertion, and stimulates and tones muscle tissue.


Through slow and intermittent beating movements, this type of massage promotes psychophysical well-being and allows the relaxation of contracted muscles. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, tones muscles, relieves lumbar and back tension and acts on areas prone to cellulite and the accumulation of fat masses.


Through the action of a vibrating plate, it performs a massage on the lower limbs of the body that stimulates the decongestion of the legs and facilitates blood circulation. The elevation of the footrest and the complete recline of the backrest favor the beneficial action of this type of massage and amplify its effects.

Now you know that massage chairs can relieve headaches and you know all its numerous benefits, don't wait any longer and get yours.

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