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  1. Origins of foot reflexology
  2. What is foot reflexology?
  3. What is foot reflexology used for?
  4. Foot reflexology in massage chairs: well-being at home

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When talking about reflections, we usually think of mirrors. The foot is the mirror of the body and in it are the reflections, understood as reflected points, of the different organs that make us up.

The foot can be considered as the microcosm on which the whole organism is projected. This means that, according to foot reflexology, the organs can be located on the sole of the foot: if we put the two feet together, the two big toes represent the head and going down we descend through the body. For example, the central part that joins the two feet, that is, the internal bone part, represents our spine and massaging a point in that area is reflected in a point on the back. Do you want to know more about foot reflexology ? Do not miss our article.

Origins of foot reflexology

Foot reflexology seems to have very ancient origins and spread mainly in the East. Regardless of its origin and the civilizations that have known and experienced it, we currently have a more modern technique made up of specific manipulations aimed at restoring the balance of vital functions and psychophysical harmony.

It was William Fitzgerald (1872-1942), an American physician and physiotherapist, who in the last century explored and perfected the technique of foot reflexology, and began to revive the ancient tradition of foot massage.

What is foot reflexology?

As we have already seen, plantar reflexology is an alternative medicine technique (or practice) that consists of pressing and massaging specific areas of the feet, with the ultimate intention of benefiting other anatomical elements of the human body that are suffering for some reason.

According to the idea behind foot reflexology, this therapeutic effect is possible because certain areas of the feet correspond to specific organs, nervous structures, joints, bone structures and glands of the human body.

What is foot reflexology used for?

Those who perform foot reflexology are of the opinion that, with foot pressure and massage, the symptom picture of many acute and chronic pathological conditions is markedly improved. Among the pathological conditions that reflexologists believe they can alleviate, the following deserve special mention:

  • Asthma.The therapist massages and presses the areas of the feet that reflect the lungs, heart, and rib cage, with the intention of improving the health of the respiratory tract.
  • Breathing problems are often due to lung infections. The massage and the pressure affect the areas that reflect the lungs and the chest in general.
  • Constipation (or constipation). In case of constipation, reflexologists massage and press the reflex zones corresponding to the intestine.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. As in the previous case, the massage and the pressure affect the reflex zones corresponding to the intestine.
  • Ear pain.
  • Eczema.
  • Sports injuries in general. In these circumstances, the reflex zones that correspond to the ailing anatomical structure(s) are massaged and pressed.
  • Stress-induced disorders. These can consist of headaches, persistent stomach problems, etc. Massage and pressure affect various reflex zones, including those in the neck, brain, digestive system, and spine.
  • Irritability and bad mood. In these cases, massages and pressure are applied to reflex zones that correspond to important organs such as the kidneys, bladder, and intestines. The idea is that better functioning of these anatomical elements leads to an improvement in mood.
  • Tonsillitis. The reflex zones of interest are those corresponding to the neck and head.
  • Symptoms of menopause.
  • Bladder problems.
  • Bad digestion.
  • Back pain.
  • Anxiety.
  • Chronic pain.

Foot reflexology in massage chairs: well-being at home

Why not have a professional massager at home to improve your physical and mental health without having to move? At Komoder we specialize in luxury massage chairs, for a complete and total relaxation of the body and, in addition, we have accessories for the stimulation of the feet, worthy of a Spa.

Komoder C32 foot accessory: for a three-dimensional massage

The Komoder C302 foot accessory uses ultra-modern three-dimensional (3D) massage technology, which offers an exceptional massage on the soles of the feet and ankles. C302 is excellent for stimulation of the plantar nervous system.

Komoder C32 with heating, has 3 different programs, which allows you to adjust the massage system according to the user's preferences, so that the time and intensity of the massage are exactly as desired. All of these features can be adjusted via the buttons built into the device.

1 reviews
C302 3D Feet Massager. An electric massager offering a precise and heated massage to your feet, soles and ankles targeting the feet pressure points.

Komoder C30 massage device: supreme massage and relaxation for your feet

The C30 foot device uses advanced Komoder technology to offer you the best three-dimensional (3D) massage experience.

Sitting at home you can benefit from an intense massage on the feet, calves, soles and knees, depending on the area in which you want to receive the massage.

2 reviews
C30 massage device uses advanced Komoder technology, offering the user a great three-dimensional (3D) massage.
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