2 reviews
C30 massage device uses advanced Komoder technology, offering the user a great three-dimensional (3D) massage.
1 reviews
C302 3D Feet Massager. An electric massager offering a precise and heated massage to your feet, soles and ankles targeting the feet pressure points.
1 reviews
This massage device helps to relax the facial muscles and ensures calmer and deeper sleep. The glasses are powered by a universal USB cable.
3 reviews
The D181 massage belt is portable and can be used anywhere. Being powered by a 12V socket you can take with you even in your car.
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Customer reviews about Komoder products

They gave it to me in a promotion with the Focus and at first I didn't give it any importance, but my mother, my brother, I think almost everyone in the family ended up buying it.
He is one of the family, he goes with us everywhere.
I work as a delivery man and sometimes I take it to work, it can be connected to the cigarette lighter of the car!
I bought an chair and they gave me the massage glasses, since then I have bought 4, for each one of the family. I have no words, highly recommended.
María Isabel
I can put it in front of the sofa while I watch TV and enjoy a foot massage like no other! I recommend it!
I can only say one thing! Buahhh! I love foot massages and this gives you goosebumps!
At first it may seem a bit uncomfortable, but as soon as you know the positions you enjoy it!

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