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November 24th is the day with the best prices of the year for Komoder massage chairs. The Black Friday Deals begin at 08:00. We are waiting for you at the Komoder showrooms to try for free the best massage chairs in the world!

Frequently asked questions about Black Friday Massage Chairs

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What does “Black Friday” mean?

Black Friday has two main meanings. In history, Black Friday was a stock market crash that took place on September 24, 1869. That day, after a period of unbridled speculation, the price of gold plummeted and the markets went bankrupt.

But the more contemporary meaning refers to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. It is usually a day full of commercial offers and great discounts, as it is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Origin of the term Black Friday

When did Black Friday originate? The first known mention of Black Friday related to this experience of super deals and discounted prices on all products was in November 1951, when Factory Management and Maintenance magazine used it to describe people calling in sick the day after Action. Thank you so I can have an extra day of work.

At the same time, American police were using the phrases "Black Friday" and "Black Saturday" to describe the horrendous traffic that occurred at the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season.

So why the name? Some maintain that the day is called "Black Friday" in homage to the term "black" that refers to profitability, derived from the ancient accounting practice of recording profits in black ink and losses in red ink. The concept refers to the fact that retail companies sell enough on that Friday (and the following weekend) to go "in the black" for the rest of the year.

When do Black Friday deals start?

Black Friday 2023 will take place in November. You have to know that in the beginning, Black Friday was a single day dedicated to discounts and offers. But now you have to wait less than ever to start enjoying the best offers on Komoder armchairs, thanks to "Black week". A whole week of discounts that will end with the most special offers on Friday: Black Friday.

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

Don't forget that Komoder Cyber Monday 2023 will be in November, just the Monday after Black Friday.

The best discounts on massage chairs on Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and you can already feel the excitement on our website! It is your perfect opportunity to get that massage chair that you have wanted so much, at an unbeatable price. In addition to great discounts, we guarantee you the best service and a hassle-free shopping experience. Do you have questions or need advice? Contact us now! We will help you find the offer that best suits your needs. Don't wait any longer and discover the surprising offers we have for you!

What benefits do we offer for our Black Friday relaxation chairs?

On Black Friday, our relaxation chairs have significant discounts, offering you significant savings. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a high-quality armchair at an exceptional price, in addition to enjoying our exclusive 3-year warranty service and our delivery, assembly, “how to use” instructions and repair service.

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