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3-year warranty

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Komoder massage chairs

TITAN II massage chair
TITAN II: the only massage chair with two independent massage systems in one SL massage path.
PRIME massage chair
The PRIME massage chair combines the latest technology with an elegant and avant-garde design dedicated to providing relaxation and well-being.
THERAPEUTIX massage chair
THERAPEUTIX is Komoder's massage chair designed and developed after a deep investigation of the morphology of the human body.
VELETA II DELUXE massage chair
VELETA II DELUXE massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, fast phone charge, voice control.
LUXURY II massage chair
LUXURY II - The only massage chair with a 4D massage robot and pulse monitoring system, oxygen levels and microcirculation.
VELETA II massage chair
VELETA II massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, fast phone charge, voice control.
NOVA DUO massage chair
NOVA DUO is a state-of-the-art massage chair, with innovative technology that offers 20 automatic massage programs and 9 special techniques.
VICTORIA II massage chair
VICTORIA II massage chair with calf kneading, 8 massage programs, heating system, voice command, zero gravity, Bluetooth music.
FOCUS III massage chair
The FOCUS III massage chair simulates 6 massage techniques and executes 15 automatic massage programs.
EVEREST FLEX II massage chair
EVEREST FLEX II is Komoder's first massage chair designed to satisfy high people!
FOCUS II massage chair
FOCUS II electric massage chair with 12 massage programs, heating system, voice control, space saver, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth music.
MONACO massage chair
The Monaco massage chair has 12 massage programs, reflexology, heating system, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
ANDORRA massage chair
Andorra massage chair with calf kneading, heating system, saving space, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
Massage chair OPERA
Opera integrates perfectly into the environment of your home or office, characterized by a modern design adapted to new interior spaces.
ALBERT II massage chair
The ALBERT II massage chair is equipped with 8 automatic programs that offer a personalized massage to meet user expectations.
VECTOR massage chair
VECTOR massage chair equipped with a 3D massage robot on an SL rail, automatic programs, massage techniques
JOY massage chair
The JOY massage chair is equipped with two intelligent mechanical 3D hands for back and cervical massage.
CORPORATE massage chair
This chair has been specially designed for companies that want to increase the productivity of their employees and improve their health.

D.Core japanese massage chairs

D.CORE CIRRUS japanese massage chair
CIRRUS is the only massage chair equipped with the oscillating roller system for the legs.
D.CORE STRATUS japanese massage chair
Deep Core healing massage is taken to a new level with Stratus, the model that integrates a dedicated arm mechanism with patented Wave Arrays technology.
Out of stock
D.CORE CLOUD japanese massage chair
Discover the new DCORE range. The new DCORE Japanese massage chairs represent the most effective massage technology.

Interview Dr. Iván Malagón - D.Core Cirrus

Komoder interviews the prestigious doctor Iván Malagón. He will share his opinion about our D.Core Cirrus massage chair and the benefits it has offered him.

Our health cannot be optional and we must not neglect it!
A massage chair at home is a daily necessity.

Customer opinions about Komoder massage chairs

I am delighted with this model. I have been also rehearsing other models in the mall, but this is much superior to everything I have been testing. I am very happy that I have bought it.
From the first moment with the telephone attention, the treatment was exquisite. Alexandra is a great professional and answers any questions. The after-sales service is also excellent. The sofa has already relieved my mother's pain in a few days, it is an investment in quality of life.
I bought a massage chair for the family and we are delighted, the whole process was very easy and we are very happy with the purchase.
Hello, I needed to go to the physio every two or three due to the exhaustion caused by my work, and I thought about the possibility of buying a massage chair that would relieve my ailments and that was cheap and I found it. In addition, everything was very easy and the delivery was very fast.
Delighted with the purchase and with the attention received, as well as helping us choose the model and the after-sales. We chose the joy for space and 100% recommended. Thank you very much Alexandra.
The Joy is a massage chair that, although it is more basic both in appearance and in function, has been great for me to relieve back pain. I recommend it!
The best investment I have ever made! I am much more relaxed and the pressotherapy is going super well for me thanks to Albert II and the entire Komoder team!
I bought it on a whim, but now I wouldn't change it for anything. I recommend it 100%
Jose Miguel
The truth is that I was wary of the massages of these chairs until I tried it. I decided on the Albert 2 and I am very happy. Highly recommended.
I love my Andorra armchair. My moment of total relaxation. I like to disconnect from daily stress and use your programs and techniques.

Shop Komoder massage chairs

Massage chairs are the closest thing to having a personal masseuse at home. They are not only designed to relax and enjoy a massage, but also provide maximum comfort and contribute to improving physical and mental health. It is true that professional massage sofas have evolved over the years to reach the product we know today, the most complete and with multiple functions for those who use it.

Are you thinking of buying a massage chair to relax after a hard day at work or simply to spend time with yourself? Komoder is the perfect ally.

Learn about the characteristics of our professional sofas

Our professional massage sofas come in different designs and can provide you with much more than just a massage. In fact, we have some models that incorporate useful features, such as built-in speakers or Bluetooth connectivity, so you can relax while listening to your favorite music. Others incorporate heating, a highly valued functionality especially during the winter months. Also, thanks to the heat they give off, they help to relax the different muscles of the body much more.

Another of the main peculiarities of our armchairs to relax is that they have more than 12 types of specific massage programs for different parts of the body and different technical specifications, such as the option to program the massages for as long as you want.

Why to buy a massage chair?

Buying a relax chair to relax the muscles is synonymous with guarantee. And it is that thanks to them you will not only obtain physical benefits such as muscle stretching, vertebrae protection and improved blood circulation, but you will also improve your mental and emotional health and well-being. In fact, our comfort armchairs are specially designed to fight fatigue, eliminate stress and achieve a revitalizing sleep.

Also, in our massage chair shop you can get the famous zero gravity chairs, seats designed to achieve maximum comfort thanks to weightlessness and which help eliminate pressure from the spine, providing excellent rest.

Great variety of chair designs for you

At Komoder you will find a wide variety of electric massage chair designs ideal for the home. When choosing the perfect armchair, there are different aspects to take into account so that your purchase is fully satisfactory and meets all your needs and expectations. For this, we have a team of specialists who will be in charge of advising you and making the pertinent recommendations, so that you can find the model that best suits what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to ask for help: your satisfaction is our priority.

Shipments to entire Spain

We ship throughout the Spanish territory and we have a large team of professionals who will take care of the installation of the massage sofa in your home, at the time of delivery. Likewise, they will provide you with a brief training totally free so that you know how to correctly use your new massage chair

More about our electrical massage chairs

At Komoder we are specialists in manufacturing the best massage chairs on the market in order to respond to the needs of each and every one of our clients. Thanks to our constant offers, you can enjoy the most competitive prices and thus get the massage chair of your dreams.

Consult the evaluations of our clients to discover why Komoder is your trusted company. Our reputation and experience precede us, and we adapt day after day to market changes in order to apply the latest generation technologies to our therapeutic massage chairs.

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