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Discovering the characteristics and benefits of japanese massage chairs

Discover the elegance and comfort of the Japanese massage chairs: minimalist design and ergonomics for your well-being! »

Siesta room as an ally of business productivity

Discover how nap rooms and massage chairs drive productivity and well-being in the modern work environment »

Massage chairs and your mental health

Discover how massage chairs can improve your mental and emotional health! »

7 benefits of electric massage chairs

Discover the benefits of electrical massage chairs for your health and well-being at komoder.es! »

The 3 best luxurious massage chairs to relieve stress and pain

Discover the welfare pinnacle at home with the 3 best luxurious massage chairs of Komoder! »

How a professional massage chair can improve your way of life

Discover how a professional massage chair can transform your life for the better. Know the therapeutic benefits, from the reduction of stress to sleep improvement and circulation »

How to calibrate a massage chair?

How to calibrate a massage chair step by step with Komoder: unlocks the relaxation potential »

Massage programs and modes in massage chairs

Discover the unique relaxation experience with the programs and massage modes in Komoder massage chairs »

What to look for in a massage chair?

Do you know what to find to find the best massage chair? At Komoder, specialists in luxury massage chairs, we give you the keys to a perfect choice. »

How to repair a massage chair?

Learn to take care and keep your investment with Komoder. Discover our 3 year guarantee, technical service and tips to keep your massage chair in optimal conditions »

Massage chair for people with reduced mobility

Improve your quality of life with Komoder massage chairs for reduced mobility. Our chairs offer advanced technology, safety and customization. »

Does the massage chair help relieve stress?

From work home, stress follows us. But what if your refuge against stress was just a few steps in your living room? We talk about massage chairs. »

What type of massage chair is better for back pain?

Discover at Komoder which is the best massage chair to relieve back pain, according to your characteristics and needs. »

Massage chairs: investment or luxury?

Komoder massage chairs: more than a furniture, a versatile tool for personal health with a touch of elegance and sophistication for your home. »

Gravetechnology of 3D massage chair

Times have changed, and with them, the way we conceive rest and personal care. »

Effects of the massage chair on blood circulation

In the constant search to improve our health and well-being, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of our blood circulation. »

Maintenance and care of a massage chair

Welcome to Komoder, your trusted source of information about the world of luxury massage chairs. »

What is a massage chair with stretching function?

Stress, daily routine and accumulated tension are problems that affect many of us in modern life. »

Is it safe to use a massage chair during pregnancy

Massage armchairs for pregnant women: comfort and tranquility guaranteed with Komoder »

Differences between shiatsu and vibration massage chair

Japanese technique vs. Vibrations: Which massage chair to choose? Discover all the details in Komoder »

Does a back massage have side effects?

Discover the possible side effects of a back massage and how to avoid them in Komoder »

Benefits of heat massages

Welfare at home: Enjoy Komoder's relaxation and lumbar heat armchairs for a healthy lifestyle »

The role of massage chairs in sports recovery

Massage chairs are very beneficial in sports recovery, enter and get the best massage chair model at the best price only at Komoder »

Contradictions of massage chairs

Massage chairs are a safe and effective option to promote well-being and relieve stress, so you do not hesitate to take a look at the Komoder massage chairs catalog »

Massage to release the sciatic nerve

4 positive effects of a massage on the sciatic nerve, best massage chairs to release the sciatic nerve, and much more »

How to remove muscle tension

Muscle tension is a common problem that can be caused by a number of factors, including stress, lack of exercise, poor posture, and other medical conditions »

What is pressotherapy?

What is pressotherapy, benefits and how can you benefit from it? »

Swedish Massage: How does it work?

If you still don't know Swedish massage and how it works, you can't miss this Komoder post, to discover all the details »

Californian massage: what is it and what does it consist of?

7 Benefits of the Californian massage and everything you need about this massage technique »

Differences between a massage chair and a relax chair

If you want to know all the differences between a massage chair and a relax chair, don't miss our Komoder article »

How to decorate your home with your new Komoder massage chair?

Decorate your home with your new Komoder massage chair in 6 easy steps. Discover which is the massage chair that best suits your style and that of your furniture »

Difference between a physiotherapy massage and a massage from a massage chair

Discover the differences between a physiotherapy massage and a massage from a massage chair and all the benefits »

Can massage chairs relieve headaches?

Discover how to relieve headaches thanks to Komoder massage chairs and what active rest is »

How does an electric massage chair work?

Learn everything about how electric massage chairs work and enjoy a quick guide so you can decide! »

How often to use a massage chair?

Everything in excess is bad. Learn the correct times to use a massage chair »

In which country was the massage chair invented?

Who invented the massage chair and where, the chronology of relaxation »

Advantages of having your massage chair at work

4 Benefits of having a massage chair at work. So that your employees are happy and productive »

Use a massage chair to combat insomnia

Nowadays having a deep and quality sleep is a luxury that not everyone has »

Tips to apply Feng Shui with your massage chair

What better than taking advantage of all the space in the room to create a space of peace and prosperity? »

What is a cervical massager and how does it work?

Discover all the characteristics of a cervical massager, how and where to use it, in this Komoder article »

What is the best time to get a massage with a massage chair?

Morning, afternoon or night? Discover the best time to give yourself a relaxing massage with a massage chair »

Foot reflexology in massage chairs

How to improve the health of body and mind thanks to foot reflexology and Komoder massage chairs »

A massage chair can generate more sales in your Spa

How to furnish a hotel Spa and how a massage chair can generate more sales in your Spa »

Discover why the massage chair can help you lose weight

Discover the 5 reasons why a massage chair can help you lose weight. Do not miss it »

Difference between conventional massage chairs and those of Komoder

Discover the differences between conventional massage chairs with the latest technology that we apply to our chairs »

What is a Relax chair?

What is a relax chair? How is it different from a massage? We answer, exhaustively, these and some other interesting questions »

How to clean your massage chair?

Although sometimes we think that a massage chair is just another piece of furniture in the house, in reality it must have specific care to avoid deterioration and guarantee its durability »

When to change your old massage chair for a new one?

Massage chairs can make us feel really good »

Shiatsu massage in the Massage Chairs

Do you know the shiatsu massage? Discover what it consists of and how you can obtain it thanks to a massage chair. It will bring numerous benefits to your health »

Benefits of having a Massage Chair

Do you know what benefits having a dough chair at home can bring you? Discover now how to improve your health and well-being »

What does zero gravity mean in a massage chair?

Discover what zero gravity massage chairs are and what benefits they bring to your physical and mental health in our new post. Do not miss it! »

What massage chair to buy?

With the massage chair you will achieve greater physical and mental well-being. What are you waiting for to meet us »

What types of massage chairs are there?

A massage chair is a dream for many of us. But do you know what types of massage chairs exist »

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