6 reviews
TITAN II: the only massage chair with two independent massage systems in one SL massage path.
7 reviews
The PRIME massage chair combines the latest technology with an elegant and avant-garde design dedicated to providing relaxation and well-being.
4 reviews
THERAPEUTIX is Komoder's massage chair designed and developed after a deep investigation of the morphology of the human body.
2 reviews
VELETA II DELUXE massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, fast phone charge, voice control.
8 reviews
LUXURY II - The only massage chair with a 4D massage robot and pulse monitoring system, oxygen levels and microcirculation.
3 reviews
VELETA II massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, fast phone charge, voice control.
3 reviews
NOVA DUO is a state-of-the-art massage chair, with innovative technology that offers 20 automatic massage programs and 9 special techniques.
7 reviews
VICTORIA II massage chair with calf kneading, 8 massage programs, heating system, voice command, zero gravity, Bluetooth music.
4 reviews
The FOCUS III massage chair simulates 6 massage techniques and executes 15 automatic massage programs.
5 reviews
EVEREST FLEX II is Komoder's first massage chair designed to satisfy high people!
7 reviews
FOCUS II electric massage chair with 12 massage programs, heating system, voice control, space saver, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth music.
5 reviews
The Monaco massage chair has 12 massage programs, reflexology, heating system, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
5 reviews
Andorra massage chair with calf kneading, heating system, saving space, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
Opera integrates perfectly into the environment of your home or office, characterized by a modern design adapted to new interior spaces.
3 reviews
The ALBERT II massage chair is equipped with 8 automatic programs that offer a personalized massage to meet user expectations.
VECTOR massage chair equipped with a 3D massage robot on an SL rail, automatic programs, massage techniques
6 reviews
The JOY massage chair is equipped with two intelligent mechanical 3D hands for back and cervical massage.
2 reviews
This chair has been specially designed for companies that want to increase the productivity of their employees and improve their health.

Interview Dr. Iván Malagón - D.Core Cirrus

Komoder interviews the prestigious doctor Iván Malagón. He will share his opinion about our D.Core Cirrus massage chair and the benefits it has offered him.

Our health cannot be optional and we must not neglect it!
A massage chair at home is a daily necessity.

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Customer opinions about Komoder massage chairs

Marta F.
Hello! I always wanted a massage chair because I have always had back pain. Now with the Nova Duo I am super happy and relaxed. I've had it for 2 weeks and I can already see the results! It's the best thing I've done in a long time.
Francisca M.
He gives me the fabulous stretch and the chair stays completely flat while he gives me the massage. Wow! My thanks to everyone. By the way, fantastic delivery.
Nicolás F.
I have insomnia problems and because of stress I tend to be tense. So with the Nova Duo I do my sessions daily and the truth is that I sleep better and I am more relaxed. It's great!
We are delighted with the Luxury 2. The treatment was excellent and the guy who served us was a great professional. They have a loyal customer.
La Coruña
My experience with Komoder is unbeatable, I had a very old Inada armchair that they even took charge of moving it to a storage room.
We bought the Luxury 2 massage chair without trying it, it was a difficult decision to make, however, it was a fantastic decision.
The best gift one can have at home, a therapist with everything included, relaxation, massage, stretching, heat, pressotherapy and above all at your disposal and without travel.
Hello, a year ago I bought a mod massage chair. Luxury and I am delighted with the armchair, but with the behavior and attention of Alejandra who represents Komoder for me, it is spectacular. Everything was as stated and the assemblers were professionals.
The chair is wonderful and Alexandra helps you and gives you all kinds of information necessary to decide which armchair to buy, she is lovely.
We use it every day. The massage makes a deep study of the muscles of the whole body, there is total relaxation and you feel rested.

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