In which country was the massage chair invented? Massage chair curiosities

  1. The first mechanical massage chairs
  2. How do massage chairs work?

The massage itself and its history are thousands of years old, even the ancient Egyptians represented them in their hieroglyphs. The relaxing massage was already known in different parts of the world in the year 3000 BC It is also found in old Japanese woodblock prints. The oldest tradition comes from China and dates back more than 5,000 years. Foot reflexology techniques were also depicted in ancient Egyptian papyri in 2500 BC. These drawings were so valuable that they were even incorporated into the tombs of high Egyptian officials.

In this way, thousands of years ago the benefits of relaxing massage were recognized. For maximum relaxation, pain relief and even for medical purposes, these treatments were popular and known all over the world. Even Hippocrates, Aristotle and Socrates wrote treatises on massage and its benefits. In the same way, Julius Caesar also used massage therapy to relieve the pain caused by his epileptic seizures.

The first mechanical massage chairs

However, the massage chair as we know it today first appeared in the 1950s. There are many stories around the massage chair, so requested today, and its origins. One of them tells that the father of the massage chair was a man named Nobuo Fujimoto. He originally from Osaka, Japan. The basic idea of ​​the brush seller was to put some chairs in the changing rooms of the bathrooms to relax. After many attempts, he finally built the first model from scrap metal . It was so, he founded the first massage chair company, to produce and sell his invention. In another story, a father designed and built a massage chair for his young daughter. This gentleman was calledNiichi Kawahara and came from Sakai, Japan. It is believed that he invented it to heal and relieve his daughter's shoulder pain.

However, from the first original model, which had only a few balls that performed a kneading function and had to be operated with a crank, the massage chair evolved rapidly. Massage chairs are becoming more effective and better. Nowadays, it is not only possible to enjoy different programs, intensities and speeds. The design has also changed considerably over the years. Instead of bulky and noisy furniture, modern versions of massage chairs are highly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

How do massage chairs work?

Electric massage chairs are based on a combination of electric motors, rollers, and vibrating mechanisms. This type of chair dates back more than half a century, the oldest manufacturer being over 60 years old, in recent decades they have become very sophisticated and today Komoder is a leader in the sale of luxury massage chairs.

The simplest massage chairs use a series of vibrating surfaces to provide the massage. When the electric motor in the appliance rapidly rotates the roller, the rotation causes a vibration. Although no two massage chair manufacturers use the same design, there are some general design techniques that apply to most models. If we were to remove the upholstery from the chair, we would see a frame that supports a system of motors, gears and rollers. When we receive a massage, it is the rollers that act like the hands of a human. The rollers move in patterns determined by the frame structure. Some of them have limited range of motion - they can only move up and downon the back of the chair because they move along a rail fixed to the structure. However, new generation massage chairs are equipped with 3D and 4D massage rollers.

Expert recommendation: A massage chair should be used for at least 15 years on a regular basis. The feeling of pressure should be comforting and never too intense. Choosing the right massage chair is easy if you trust the quality of Komoder products.

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