CORPORATE massage chair

Perfect for the office, perfect for your business

This massage chair has been specially designed for companies that wish to increase the productivity of their employees and improve their health. A massage chair can serve as a stimulus to counteract routine and sedentary lifestyle in modern occupations in the workplace.It offers additional value and benefits to the employer who provides revitalizing and relaxing pauses for the entire equipment.

Corporate is equipped with a set of smart massage hands that have four rollers to carry out five massage techniques: Shiatsu, kneading, pressure, taps and kneading. These intelligent hands move along a curved rail that accurately follows the contour of the spine, providing a complete massage that starts in the neck area and extends to calves.

A well-focused massage immediately revitalizes

Komoder's Corporate massage chair is equipped with seven automated massage functions: comfort, soft body massage, neck and shoulder massage, back massage, waist massage and a stretching program. For the upper body, this massage robot has functions that focus on specific areas. This allows you to select a complete back massage, one centered on neck and shoulders, on the waist, a massage at a fixed point, and the speed of each massage technique can be easily adjusted from the control in three levels of intensity.

CORPORATE massage chair

Massage at a fixed point or personalized massage

This massage technique allows you to accurately place the massage roller directly on the sensitive or sore area. Through the control buttons, you can move these rollers up or down, thus achieving a highly precise and effective massage.

CORPORATE massage chair

Shiatsu adapted to each user

Starting from the idea that each user of the massage is unique and has its own dimensions, Corporate allows you to adjust the width between the rollers during the execution of the program. In this way, for example, in a Shiatsu or tap massage.

Therapeutic airbags

Although the idea of airbags with protection in case of car accidents is commonly associated, the airbag system is equally important in a massage chair. The massage made by these airbags has an immediate toning effect and acts by applying pressure on the muscles of the arms, the palms of the hands or legs. In the case of the corporate chair, the massage function with air pressure can be configured in three modes: air pressure throughout the body, air pressure in the arms and air pressure in the legs.This process can be adjusted at any time at three levels of intensity.

CORPORATE massage chair

The "miracle" of the magnets

The variety of accessories that perfect a professional massage in the workplace is complemented in the case of the corporate chair with a magnet system. These magnets are located both in the heel area and in the airbags of the palms of the hands, thus offering a magnetic type massage.

Zero gravity

The comfort of modern massage is the sum of every detail. The zero gravity position will simulate for you a feeling of ingrability obtained from the horizontal position in which the corporate will be found throughout the massage program. With the help of the command, you have the option to choose between two special positions of zero gravity, thus offering an incredible relaxation experience.

CORPORATE massage chair

A warm massage chair when you need it

To reach an optimal state of well-being and comfort, Corporate can execute massage programs and techniques, further improving this process with the heat emanating from a graphene resistance located in the back of the armchair. This resistance generates infrared heat, which will stimulate blood circulation, will relieve muscle discomfort and fight rheumatism.

Intelligent interaction

The interaction with the corporate massage chair is carried out through an LCD screen, an extremely friendly and intuitive interface that will allow you to select and change at any time the massage program, its intensity, the action of the airbags, the additionof heat to massage and all the other functions offered by this massage robot.

CORPORATE massage chair

The art of relaxation

The art of Komoder's relaxation is no longer found exclusively at home. It can now become the strong point of any company that wants your employees to feel exceptionally well even in the work environment and can face the monotony of sedentary tasks. Corporate requires only 200 millimeters away from the rear wall to integrate perfectly into the modern interiors of an office or waiting room.This armchair is robust and is made of recyclable ecological materials that are easy to maintain.

CORPORATE massage chair

Technical specifications and characteristics

Automatic massage programs 7
Timer Yes
3D Massage on the entire back surface Yes. 135 cm SL rail
The distance between massage rollers Adjustable in 3 levels
Fixed point massage Yes
Electrically folding support Yes
Air cushions in the lumbar area Yes
Calf airbags Yes
Massage rollers 3D
Airpads intensity Adjustable in 3 levels
Massage speed Adjustable in 5 levels
Leg massage Yes
Heating in the lumbar zone Yes
Remote control Yes
Remote control support Yes
Upholstery Ecological leather
Net weight (kg) 90 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
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↘ The height and weight of the users are important parameters when choosing a massage chair.

Client reviews

Amalia R.
We were looking for a way to make the employees of our company feel good and recharge their batteries during their break, so we found the solution, the Corporate massage chair is a great success. Thanks Komoder!
Pablo G.
We have installed the Corporate massage chair in our company and we could not be more satisfied. Our employees enjoy it daily, a treat to celebrate our 5 years of existence. Totally recommended.

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