VECTOR massage chair

Vector - High performance massage available to everyone

Vector is Komoder's recommendation for quality massage lovers without exceeding their budget. It is a massage chair aimed at the whole family and offers a variety of automatic or manual programs that easily adapt to user preferences. Before starting any program, the Vector massage chair makes a user scan, precisely determining the optimal duration for the action of massage rollers.

Remote Control

The remote control that acts the massage chair is extremely simple and easy to use. Through universal graphic symbols, it is intuitive, ergonomic and is available to the user at all times.

Vector Remote Control

Complete massage with several options

Vector is prepared to activate automatic massage programs: Comfort (the most comfortable massage experience), Back & Waist (massage centered on the back and waist area) and Shoulder & Neck (massage centered on the shoulders and neck area),etc. The selection of these programs is carried out through command.

4 types of manual massages

In addition, the massage chair can perform 4 types of manual massages: kneading, taps, kneading and taps, Shiatsu.

3 defined massage zones

An intense and deep massage
Vector Massage Chair offers you the possibility of enjoying deep massages, such as Shiatsu and kneading and taps, with the flexibility of choosing between 3 levels of intensity. This function allows you to relieve discomfort in deeper muscle areas, providing an effective option to release internal blockages.
Reflexotherapeutic massage
Vector performs a complete massage starting with the sole of the foot. Here SHIATSU will provide the best reflection massage, a massage that stimulates blood circulation and the optimal functioning of internal organs.
Airbags massage
The massage of legs, arms and shoulders is perfected with the energetic action of the airbags. When inflation and defalted, the pressure exerted releases the accumulated muscle tension after an exhausting day of work or after training. The intensity of the action of these airbags can be adjusted, according to preferences, also from the control buttons, in this sense there are 2 levels of action.

Automatic massage programs

Vector Remote Control

SL Vector technology compared to old fixed points systems

The old system with fixed rollers The old system with fixed rollers
Vector SL Rail The new Vector 3D rollers on SL rails

Massage of the arms and the palms of the hands

A modern massage is not only a therapeutic way to address a problem, but also the experience of a unique sensation. The Vector chair airbag collection can start acting at any time to perfect a complete relaxation of the legs and arms. The pneumatic system can be adjusted in 3 intensity levels and can be concentrated, if you wish, at the bottom of the body, the upper or throughout the body.

VECTOR Massage Chair Airbags

Feet and twin massage

VECTOR Massage Chair Footrest

What is Reflexology?

The plant of its foot is an open map that contains correspondences of each part or each body of the body. A reflexology massage also cures internal imbalances and adds extra vitaliad at the end of each massage program. Vector presents a reflexotherapy massage made by a Shiatsu set. The efficacy is maximum and immediately improves microcirculation and lymphatic system.

Vector Massage Chair Reflexoteraphy

Zero gravity. 3 massage position options

The maximum comfort is guaranteed by the correct choice of the position in which the massage program will be carried out. Vector offers users 3 massage chair positions: Sit Up (sitting), Lie Down (lying on my back) and Zero Gravity (horizontal position that simulates antigravity).

Vector Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Ecological and perfectly adapted to the domestic space

The materials with which the Vector massage chair is manufactured are environmentally respectful and very easy to maintain. Its modern design makes it ideal for location in office environments, waiting rooms or home.

Technical specifications and characteristics

SL Rail Yes. With 3D roller system
Massage on the entire back surface Yes
Possibility of massage at a fixed point Yes
Airbag intensity Adjustable
Massage speed Adjustable
Footrest Extensible 20Cm
Buttock massage Yes, with the roller system
Massage for twins With airbags
Reflexotherapy Yes
Remote Control Yes, with pocket
Upholstery Ecological and antibacterial leather. Vector is designed with ecological materials that are easy to maintain and clean
Weight (kg) 90 kg
Colors Black. Beige. Black with the interior in brown
Rated voltage 220 - 230V
VECTOR Massage Chair Sizes
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↘ The height and weight of the users are important parameters when choosing a massage chair.

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