Difference between a physiotherapy massage and a massage from a massage chair

  1. Benefits of a physiotherapy massage
  2. Benefits of a massage chair
  3. Is the massage chair really effective?

Are you thinking of buying a massage chair to enjoy a moment of complete relaxation as often as you want? Or maybe you were thinking of giving it to some elderly parents who suffer from the annoying pains of age?

In this article we will reveal all the differences between a physiotherapy massage and one from a massage chair. Let's see them.

Benefits of a physiotherapy massage

A research team from the Royal Stockholm Institute of Technology has shown that a physical therapist's fingers can perceive molecules as small as millionths of a millimeter, just as if equipped with a touch microscope.

The fingers and palms of the hands have this great capacity to distinguish muscular and visceral tensions and body temperature, thus being able to calibrate and measure the intensity of the pressure and the force that is exerted. Excessive pressure, for example, can cause the muscles to contract more and become more rigid to defend themselves.

Benefits of a massage chair

The mechanical heads that move under the surface of a chair cannot be compared to the sensitivity of the hands and fingers and the sensations they are capable of perceiving. However, they can provide numerous health benefits.

The biggest potential health benefit of a massage chair is that it can help muscles become more flexible. As we age we become less flexible – our muscles lose their elasticity, keeping muscles trained through massage can help maintain elasticity and ultimately mobility of joints.

Using a massage chair has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. A small preliminary study on occupational therapy in mental health found that massage chairs significantly reduced stress levels among people with severe mental illness.

Another Psychological Studies study of 186 healthy adults found that using a massage chair for 20 minutes a day helped promote mental well-being.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine found that muscle relaxation from massage chairs before bed can help improve sleep and relieve fatigue.

Is the massage chair really effective?

Massage chairs can be helpful in solving and relieving various physical problems. They are suitable for those who have neck pain and circulation problems in the legs, and are useful for those who have frequent back pain or cellulite.

In addition, frequent use of the massage chair reduces blood pressure, thanks to the vasodilator effect of the massage, which is also enhanced by the heating system, which also benefits muscle contractures and, therefore, helps reduce tension and muscle pain.

A massage chair not only allows you to relax while reading, sleeping or watching TV, but also helps your body to eliminate excess toxins by stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

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