How does an electric massage chair work?

  1. Operation of an electric massage chair
  2. Reasons to buy an electric massage chair
  3. Quick guide to choose the best electric massage chair

At Komoder you can find a wide variety of electric armchairs. However, we believe that before purchasing one of them, it is important that all our clients know how they work, as well as the benefits that it can bring them in their day-to-day lives.

If you are thinking of buying an electric massage chair, do not hesitate to continue reading because this interests you.

Operation of an electric massage chair

An electric chair, as its name suggests, uses electricity for its operation. Which means that if it's not plugged into some sort of power source, it won't work.

Another very important element that constitutes an electric massage chair is the electric motor (although sofas can often have more than one). Thanks to the motors you will be able to acquire the positiondesired. But, what does position mean if we talk about this type of armchair? With position we refer to the elevation, which, depending on the chair you choose, may have more or fewer options. In general, electric massage chairs have a minimum of two positions; one in which you will be at approximately 45º and another which allows you to lie down. If what worries you is getting up, you are in luck, as there are also electric armchairs that fulfill this function and help you get up. This is very useful, especially for those with reduced mobility.

The control is another of the elements that make up the structure of electric massage chairs. They are independent of these, that is, the remote is not embedded in the sofa, so it is important that you always have it located. In case you are looking for a newer system, there are also electric armchairs with a smart touch panel.

Thanks to the high-power and intelligent electrical mechanisms that our sofas have, you can not only control the degree of inclination, but also the intensity of the massages through a control or panel.

Reasons to buy an electric massage chair

It is clear that acquiring an electric massage chair is the dream of many people. Those who have already fulfilled it tell us their main reasons for what they did and most agree on the same.

  • Simple use.
  • It adapts to your body, offering unmatched comfort.
  • It can help fight insomnia.
  • The assembly of the chair is very easy, as it does not require tools.
  • It can help you with muscle and bone pain.
  • Cleaning the massage chair is quick and easy.

Quick guide to choose the best electric massage chair

If you still don't know which massage chair to buy, don't worry because it's completely normal. So that you can clear up your doubts, we offer you a quick guide with which you can opt for one type of electric massage chair or another.

1. Comfort

Comfort is always the main aspect to consider before buying a massage chair (whether electric or not). Luckily, all Komoder armchairs stand out for their great comfort, so you won't have to worry about getting a sofa that isn't comfortable at home. In any case, we have locations in Barcelona, ​Madrid and Málaga for you to try for yourself.

2. Aesthetics

Depending on the decoration of your home, you are surely looking for a type of sofa, as well as a certain size or color. Therefore, you should make sure that the sofa you choose adapts not only to you, but also to your home. In this way, you will get a perfect tune.

3. Needs

Each person has different needs and, based on that, they decide on one type of sofa or another. For example, people with reduced mobility will look for the sofa that best suits their needs. It is important that you be clear about them and discuss them with our advisors so that they can recommend the best sofa for you.

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