Tips to apply Feng Shui with your massage chair

  1. Location
  2. Find a center
  3. Organization and cleaning
  4. Add-ons and additional elements
  5. Other tips for achieving feng shui

Komoder Massage Chairs

What better than taking advantage of all the space in the room to create a space of peace and prosperity? At Komoder we give you the main tips so that your favorite chair applies to Feng Shui and you can get the most out of your living room.

Feng Shui gives us the opportunity to decorate our house in a balanced way, so that good energy lasts and flows harmoniously. If you are one of those who likes to enjoy moments at home and relax, Feng shui with a massage chair is the perfect combination.

The following tips will help you apply Feng Shui with your massage chair and you can enjoy that chosen space in the house even more.


The massage chair is usually located in the room. Since this is the space where you can enjoy moments of relaxation that are not in the room. Therefore, the room should be a place in the house where natural light can enter. The light entering through windows or doors will allow the positive energy entered to be fresh and energetic in order to activate the other elements.

Find a center

The center in feng shui means everything. It is important to be able to attribute to a piece the center of energy. In this case, the massage chair can be the center, since with its accessories, it combines with the 5 elements, such as wood, metal and earth. However, the position of this is important. The back of the chair should face the wall.

Organization and cleaning

Organization and cleanliness is essential in all areas of the house. But if you want to apply Feng Shui in a specific space, it is important that it is constantly organized and clean, so we can make the energy flow without being disturbed by objects or dirt. Massage chairs are usually a bit large, so not overloading the environment will be a good step to achieve the desired Feng Shui. Having a clean and tidy space will make you feel calm, avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed by the presence of unnecessary items.

Add-ons and additional elements

In order for you to apply good Feng Shui, decorative objects and furniture must be part of the natural elements, such as water, earth, fire and metal. If you want to add more elements such as plants, which are also an essential element in order to achieve good Feng Shui. Candles or mirrors are also a great complement to apply Feng shui.

Other tips for achieving feng shui

It must be borne in mind that while it is true that Feng shui can be applied to any space, the only idea is that it can feed the people who are in it with natural and positive energy, each space varies. Either because of the location you are in or other factors. These other tips to apply are:

  • That the aligned front and back doors do not meet without furniture in between. Since the energy could flow throughout the house until leaving, without staying positively in the room or in the home;
  • The entrances also play a good role in Feng Shui. Design a welcoming entrance to enter the house;
  • Remove any obstacle that does not comply with the fundamental elements.
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