Massage chair for people with reduced mobility

In a world that advances by leaps and bounds, we sometimes forget the importance of stopping and taking care of those who face challenges in their mobility.

Komoder massage chairs are more than a luxury. They are a reflection of our dedication to improve the life of each user.

Sillones de Masaje

Benefits of massage chairs for reduced mobility

Komoder massage chairs use advanced techniques to stimulate blood circulation, essential for people spending long periods of time in a position.This improvement in circulation helps prevent problems related to physical inactivity and contributes to general well -being.

In addition, our chairs are equipped with massage systems that mimic the hands of a professional therapist, providing relief in areas affected by pain and rigidity. This function is particularly beneficial for those who face mobility challenges, since it reduces muscle tension and increases flexibility.

Komoder massage chairs characteristics

  • Accessibility and safety: accessibility is a priority in Komoder. Our chairs are designed with intuitive and easy-to-access controls (control with control, voice control, side arm buttons or tactile tablet), allowing users with reduced mobility to use them independently and safely.
  • Massage customization: we understand that each individual has unique needs. Therefore, our chairs offer a variety of programs and adjustments that allow each user to customize their massage experience, adapting it to their specific preferences and requirements.

How to choose the right chair

At Komoder, we have a team of experts ready to advise you in the choice of the most appropriate chair. We understand the different needs of our clients and offer personalized recommendations.

In addition, we know that the best way to experience the benefits of our chairs is trying them. Therefore, we offer the possibility of performing tests and demonstrations so that our customers can feel the difference before making the purchase.

MARINA MEDICAL II: Innovation and comfort

The Komoder massage chair MARINA MEDICAL II is presented as an innovative and avant-garde solution for those with reduced mobility. This model not only provides comfort and luxury, but also specifically addresses the needs of those who face challenges in their mobility.

With its advanced 3D technology and customization options, the Marina Medical II significantly improves blood circulation and relieves pain and stiffness, crucial aspects for those who pass long periods of time in a position.

Accessibility and security are pillars in the design of this chair. Equipped with intuitive controls and options such as voice control or touch tablet, allows users with reduced mobility to enjoy an independent and safe massage experience. In addition, its extensible leg support and the reflexology function ensure complete relief and adapted to different physical needs.

Komoder luxury massage chairs: commitment to health and well-being

Komoder massage chairs are not just a luxury symbol. They represent a commitment to health and well-being, especially for those with reduced mobility. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our users, providing high quality products that offer comfort, relaxation and relief.

We invite you to visit our catalogue and discover our range of luxury massage chairs. Experience the change towards a more comfortable and healthy life!

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