MARINA MEDICAL II chair for high users

Discover the services of a 3D massage chair equipped with:
21 Automatic massage programs
7 Massage techniques

MARINA MEDICAL is a massage chair that you will use daily

You will love this massage chair because the experience offered by MARINA MEDICAL is impressive. Whether you want a lumbar, cervical or foot and foot massage - this armchair can meet these expectations. The way this armchair manages to reach the paravertebral muscles is fantastic. Heated 3D technology is used to treat low back or neck pain.


The MARINA MEDICAL II massage chair is recommended for tall users over 190 cm.
MARINA MEDICAL II is capable of performing a cervical massage to your liking

The MARINA MEDICAL massage chair is designed for users with different heights and is large enough to satisfy even tall users over 190 cm. The back of the chair is high and the massage robot climbs high enough to perform an exceptional cervical massage.


MARINA MEDICAL measures heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and fatigue

We are concerned about your health, which is why we have equipped this massage chair with scan sensors for medical parameters: heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and fatigue level in the body.


MARINA MEDICAL offers back heating

The heating accentuates the efficiency of the massage, removing the feeling of cold during the winter. Once the heating function is activated, the air cushions in the lumbar area gradually heat up, facilitating the relaxation of the muscles.


Massage the arms with air cushions

The air cushions respect the curvature of the arms, offering a total massage of them. Such a massage will relax and invigorate your arms and palms.


Calves massage and extension of the support dedicated to the calves
Extendable support 20 cm

Depending on the height of the user, the leg support extends, the maximum length of the extension being 20 cm, thus ensuring a complete massage, according to the height of each user.

Reflexology - Foot massage

The MARINA MEDICAL massage chair is equipped with a reflexology function. This function is perfect for stimulating the nerve centers.

Reflexology is a type of massage necessary for the rapid elimination of physical or mental fatigue

The reflexology massage is performed using a plate equipped with rollers, and the leg support is extended to fit the different heights of the users. We recommend using the reflexology function for people who have leg pain or for people who spend a lot of time standing.

MARINA MEDICAL II Massage Chair Full Body


MARINA MEDICAL II stands out due to its 21 massage programs. These programs give you the opportunity to identify and choose your favorite massage. You no longer need to customize your massage because these programs can give you a massage experience the way you want it: programs depending on the time of day, depending on the desired intensity, or programs with a focus on certain areas of the body.

MARINA MEDICAL II Massage Chair Remote

JOYSTICK 3D - for intensity adjustment

This 3D joystick gives you the possibility to control the intensity of the massage robot at any time of the session according to your preferences: soft, intense or medium massage.

Quick buttons on the right arm

The entire massage experience can be controlled using the built-in control panel on the right arm of the chair.


Wired remote control.
Remote control pocket


Zero Gravity button. What is Zero Gravity?

This position puts you in a state of weightlessness in which you will be able to enjoy perfect relaxation. The new MARINA MEDICAL armchair allows folding in Zero Gravity positions using two folding pistons.

Zero Gravity positions

By calling "Zero Gravity" the thighs and calves are positioned at the same horizontal level as the shoulders. The center of gravity of the body changes and the gravitational force will be evenly distributed over the body. This is the ideal position for massage. Now is the time to experience the massage programs offered by this great armchair.

MARINA MEDICAL II Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Smart space saving function

The armchair is designed for small spaces, so a distance of 5 cm from the back wall is needed when the massage chair is in operation. The seat of the chair will slide forward without touching the back wall.

Built-in audio system. Listen to your favorite music during the massage

You have the option of using a smartphone or tablet to play music. Connect the chair to your phone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth. The MARINA MEDICAL armchair is equipped with a set of speakers built into the backrest, and through the bluetooth connection you will be able to listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone, for example. Amplify well-being!

MARINA MEDICAL II Massage Chair Bluetooth

Technical specifications and characteristics

21 automatic massage programs Fast massage
Full body
Neck & shoulder
Back & waist
Full air
Stress relieving
Good night sleep
Joint Care
Neck & shoulder care
Office regimen
Sport recovery
Brain refresh
Spine care
Waist care
Legs care
7 Massage techniques Knead
Knead & tap
Shiatsu II
3D( I-IV)
Timer Yes
Possibility of fixed point massage 135 cm SL rail
Possibility of fixed point massage Yes
Air cushion intensity Adjustable in 3 steps
Massage speed Adjustable in 4 steps
Foot massage stand Extendable 20 cm
Heating Yes
Massage system 3D Adjustable
Buttocks massage Yes
Leg massage Yes
Reflexology Adjustable in 3 steps
Remote control Yes
Remote control pocket Yes
Upholstery Eco-friendly, antibacterial leather
Massage chair weight (kg) 110 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
Video User manual:
MARINA MEDICAL II Massage Chair Dimensions
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↘ The height and weight of the users are important parameters when choosing a massage chair.

Client reviews

The shipment to the islands is managed by them, placing the order and waiting for the installation, without customs hassles, everything is perfect.
I like strong massages and I found my therapist. Perfect attention (even the guys who brought the chair were very kind).
I am very happy with my Marina armchair, it is the best purchase I could make, Alexandra was at all times attentive to the doubts I had.
A few weeks ago I decided to buy a professional massage chair and in the end I opted for the Komoder brand. The quality is evident everywhere, both in materials and performance. I opted for the Marina Medical model, and it was a total success.
The spectacular treatment. The quality price totally adequate. Any doubt with solution at the moment. Shipping without any problem. I really can't say anything bad. It is the second time that I buy in this house and I do not rule out a next one.
ALL PERFECT!!! Communication, monitoring, delivery, assembly, fast and agile, suffering a transport strike and also delivery in the Canary Islands. Express customs clearance, we recommend it 100%, if you live in the Canary Islands or any bridge in Spain it would not take long to buy again.
Since I got the Marina Medical 2 massage chair, I don't even notice the pain in my lower back that I used to have every day. I have had the chair for several months now, but after a week of using it I noticed a great improvement.

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