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  1. You can not sleep? Try this
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Nowadays having a deep and quality sleep is a luxury that not everyone has. Daily activities and stress have increasingly caused more sleep disturbances in more people. Why spend so much money on massages every day when you can enjoy yourself from home? Komoder has the ideal massage chairs that will give you the peace of mind and the sleep you need.

You can not sleep? Try this

Not being able to fall asleep at night is a common problem that can increase stress levels and fatigue. Affecting the performance and personal life of those who suffer from it.

Over the years, massages have been an option that many people have chosen to take. And it is that by relaxing the muscle tension accumulated throughout the day, it gives way to a better quality and deeper sleep. Can you imagine enjoying a daily massage before bed? At Komoder you can find the massage chairs that best suit your needs, since they are not only designed to relax muscles, but also by providing maximum comfort, it contributes to improving mental health.

Being able to have a massage chair at home gives you many benefits. In physical health, it fights fatigue by stretching the muscles, protecting the vertebrae and improving blood circulation. In mental health, the most important part of being able to fall asleep is eliminating stress. The variety of armchair designs fully adapts to your needs and allows you to adapt the ideal environment to achieve a more revitalizing sleep. A bit of relaxing music and the soft touches that you will feel on your body, guarantee absolute well-being!

If you are interested in having your personal massager, learn about the types of massages that a chair can do from the comfort of your home.

While it is true that the whole body needs to reduce tension, a massage focused on the feet will really give you the necessary relaxation to combat insomnia. The Focus II armchair is beneficial thanks to its special technology of preliminary scanning of each user, regardless of their height. It fits properly so that you can enjoy a cervical massage and exceptional reflexology.

In the feet is each part of the body; for this reason, it turns out to be so beneficial before sleeping. Using a massage chair for 10 to 15 minutes a day, keeping the areas of the body relaxed, will help you have a quality sleep, improving your performance and reducing the feeling of constant fatigue from not being able to sleep.

Some tips to combat insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, some of these tips will help you improve the quality of rest:

  • Being in the dark or with a minimum intensity of light helps some vital cycles to happen properly;
  • Noise is also an influencing factor and must be taken care of. For people who have difficulty sleeping, controlling the noise in the room will allow for better relaxation, achieving a better quality rest;
  • Temperature. Sleeping with a warm temperature already adapted to our body temperature will help you sleep better.
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