Massage programs and modes in massage chairs

Sillones de Masaje

Can you imagine having your own personal spa at home? With massage chairs, that dream becomes a reality.

Discover in Komoder the secrets of massage chairs and their various programs, designed to offer you moments of serenity in the comfort of your home.

5 programs and modes for maximum relaxation

1. Shiatsu massage: Deep revitalization

The Shiatsu massage is known for its roots in traditional Japanese medicine and its ability to relieve muscle tension. Modern massage chairs incorporate this technique through strategically placed rollers and airbags that mimic the movements of a human therapist. This program is perfect for those looking for a deep massage experience that revitalizes body and mind.

With 24 automatic programs and six massage techniques in five intensity levels, TITAN II offers you options that adapt to your needs.From the Shiatsu massage to reflexology, this massage chair is a personalized well-being experience.

2. Massage of kneading: Get rid of muscle tension

Massation is a classic technique that simulates the movements of the hands of a masseuse, providing effective relief for rigidity and muscle tension. Massage chairs offer specific kneading programs that work in problematic areas, releasing knots and allowing blood circulation to flow freely.

3. Vibration massage: Total relaxation

For those who seek a total relaxation experience, vibration massage is the ideal choice. This program uses delicate vibrations to relieve stress and tension throughout the body, providing a sense of calm and well-being. Perfect to disconnect after an agitated day.

4. Stretching massage: Flexibility and comfort

The stretching technique incorporated into some massage armchairs helps improve flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness. This program gently mimics the stretching movements carried out in a yoga study, offering a unique experience that leaves the body more agile and relaxed.

5. Heat massage: Comforting therapy

Heat therapy is an essential component in many massage chairs. The controlled heat application helps to relax the muscles, relieveing tension and improving blood circulation. Heat massage programs offer a comforting experience that is especially beneficial on cold days or after an intense day.

With six massage techniques to choose from, including Shiatsu Focus III adapts to each moment of the day and your mood. The hands and feet benefit with 24 airbags, offering a maximum effect and a complete massage experience.

In addition, it comes with a massage chal with graphene heating that effectively relieves symptoms such as escapulohumeral and cough periartritis. This unique accessory, integrated into Focus III, offers therapeutic heat on shoulders, back, waist and abdomen, carrying the massage experience to a higher level.

Find your perfect massage chair with Komoder

From the revitalizing Shiatsu massage to total relaxation with heat, each Komoder massage chair is carefully designed to provide moments of serenity.

Discover incomparable comfort and personalized attention that only Komoder can provide: the evident choice for those who seek the best in the massage chairs market. Find your perfect massage chair with Komoder and make your home your own spa!

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