VELETA II relax massage chair

Today, massage is not a luxury, massage is a necessity
You have a new 4D massage technology at your fingertips, plus 23 automatic programs and 11 massage techniques

VELETA 2 Massage Chair

Video User Guide

Video User Guide

Do you suffer from low back pain, muscle contractions, neck pain and stiffness?
The Veleta II is now the chair that can handle everything!

Equipped with a user scanning program, VELETA II is designed to satisfy even those with heights over 1.90 meters. The back of the chair adjusts, and the massage robot goes up and down far enough to perform an exceptional cervical or lumbar massage.

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VELETA II is the massage chair that awaits you at home at the end of every day

Whether you want a lumbar, neck or leg and foot massage, the VELETA II armchair can perform all these types of massages. The paravertebral muscles are extremely well revitalized with the help of 4D technology, and the heating system is used to relax the muscles.

VELETA II offers back heating

The heating accentuates the efficiency of the massage, removing the feeling of cold during the winter. Once the heating function is activated, the air cushions in the lumbar area gradually warm up, facilitating the relaxation of the muscles.

4 Multilayer back cushions and two chest straps

The intensity of the 4D massage can be adjusted using the settings of the 4D massage robot or by adding and removing the 4 multilayer pillows on the back of the chair. The two straps that can be placed above the chest, through their heating function, ensure perfect comfort during the massage.

VELETA 2 Massage Chair Heating

Arms massage with air cushions

The air cushions respect the curvature of the arms, offering them a total massage. Such a massage will relax and invigorate your arms and palms.

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VELETA 2 Massage Chair Arms massage with air cushions

VELETA II is a perfect armchair for tall people, being able to extend its leg support by 20 cm

Depending on the height of the user, the leg support extends, the maximum length of the extension being 20 cm, thus ensuring a complete massage, according to the height of each user.

Reflexology normalizes body functions

After a day of standing or strenuous exercise, foot massage will quickly eliminate the accumulated fatigue. Reflexotherapy stimulates the activity of the nerve centers and VELETA II will perform this massage using a plate equipped with rollers.

Reflexology is a type of massage needed to quickly relieve fatigue

The reflexology massage is performed using a plate equipped with rollers, and the leg support is extended to fit the different heights of the users. We recommend using the reflexology function for people who have leg pain or for people who spend a lot of time standing.

VELETA 2 Massage Chair Full Body

VELETA II and it's 23 automatic 4D massage programs

A complete experience is an experience that will allow you to choose exactly what suits you. Equipped with 23 different programs, VELETA II offers you the opportunity to discover and choose your favorite program, depending on the time of day, desired intensity or programs with a focus on certain areas of the body.

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VELETA 2 Massage Chair Remote

Adjust the intensity with the 4D Joystick

VELETA II offers you the possibility to adjust the intensity of the massage in each moment of its development, according to your preferences. You can opt for a softer, more intense or medium massage by accessing the quick buttons on your right arm.

Quick buttons on the right arm

The entire massage experience can be controlled using the built-in control panel on the right arm of the chair.

VELETA 2 Massage Chair Remote

Massage and ambient lights personalization tablet
The massage chair can store the personalized massage option. Plus, with your phone's fast charging feature, you're constantly recharged with energy
The ambient lights complete a relaxing experience

VELETA 2 Massage Chair Heating

The Zero Gravity button gives you the perfect relaxation

The anti-gravity function of the VELETA II massage chair offers you a position that will simulate the state of weightlessness. By calling "Zero Gravity", the thighs and calves are positioned at the same level, horizontally, with the shoulders. The gravity center of of the body changes and the gravitational force will be evenly distributed over the body. This is the ideal position for a massage. Now is the time to experience the massage programs offered by this great armchair.

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VELETA 2 Massage Chair Heating

Intelligent space saving function

For a more harmonious integration of the armchair in your space, a distance of just 5 cm from the back wall is required. During operation, the chair will slide forward without touching the wall.

Built-in AUDIO system

The user now has the possibility of a full experience by connecting the phone to the audio system of the massage chair. The connection is made via bluetooth and streaming will be done through the speaker system built into the backrest. Here's a full music experience!

Negative Ion System

Activate the negative ions using the tablet and help increase immunity, concentration and efficiency of the whole body.

Voice command

The interaction with your armchair, Veleta II, can now be done with voice commands. For total relaxation, control the massage program using the voice commands noted on the back of the tablet.

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VELETA 2 Massage Chair Audio

Technical specifications and characteristics

23 automatic programs: VIP: Stress Relieving, Energy, Good-night sleep, Joint Care, Frozen Shoulder, Spine Massage.
HEALTHCARE: Office, Sport Recovery, Brain Refresh, Spine Care, Waist Care, Legs Care.
Special: Health Recharge, Treatment, Keep Fit, Bottom Toning, Restoration, Tiredness Relief.
Relaxation: Full Body Stretch, Thai Massage, Chinese Massage, Total Relax, Airbag.
11 Massage techniques: 1 kneading technique
2 hitting techniques
1 combined technique: kneading with a light percussion
2 shiatsu techniques
4 4D massage techniques
1 gripping technique
Timer Yes
3D massage on the entire back surface Yes. 135 cm SL rail
Manual massage with the possibility of localization in 5 areas: 1. Full 2. The upper part 3. The middle part 4. The lower part 5. Fixed point
The intensity of the air cushions Adjustable in 3 steps
Massage speed Adjustable in 4 steps
Legrest Extendable 20 cm
Lumbar heating Yes
Massage robot 4D Adjustable in 4 levels of intensity
Kneading for the legs Yes. Adjustable in 3 levels of intensity
Reflexology Yes, in 3 points and adjustable in 3 levels of intensity
Tablet Yes. On magnetic stander
Upholstery Eco-friendly, antibacterial leather
Net weight (kg) 132.5 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
Video User manual:
VELETA 2 Massage Chair Dimensions
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↘ The height and weight of the users are important parameters when choosing a massage chair.

Client reviews

I have gone through the Tuset store, Alexandra has attended me and I have bought the Veleta 2 model. I am very happy, it is great for my back and they have offered me all the instructions for use.
Hello, we bought the Veleta II a few days ago, we are delighted, both for the treatment received and for the armchair itself. The chair is amazing, my back is improving day by day and I sleep much better.
A very good experience of a complete massage without having to go to a clinic ect! Highly recommended, especially for older people who cannot work out in a gym!

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