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KOMODER PRIME: Specialist in your well-being

The PRIME massage chair has state-of-the-art technology with an elegant and avant-garde design dedicated to providing relaxation and well-being. PRIME becomes that oasis of relaxation that is so necessary to compensate for such high activity rates.


For a life without pain

The PRIME massage chair offers multiple functions dedicated to massage for each part of the body, thus providing well-being and comfort from the head to the toes.

Reward after a day's work

The exclusive functionalities of our new PRIME massage chair contribute to the disappearance of the symptoms of "modern occupational diseases" such as neck pain, lumbar pain or those caused by bad postures.

PRIME Massage Chair

Physical and mental relaxation for your day to day

Sit back and put on your favorite music! PRIME is designed to relax the "body and soul", fusing technology with design and exclusive finishes.

Healthy lifestyle

The health benefits of massage have been known since ancient times. PRIME improves the problems caused by a stressful lifestyle and provides quality of life.

PRIME Massage Chair


PRIME includes 12 preset programs designed for your well-being. Whether it's early in the morning or late in the day, PRIME lets you set session lengths to fit your daily pace.

PRIME Massage Chair

Technology often becomes the reason why you can feel stressed. PRIME revolutionizes the equation: our research & development puts technology at the service of health and well-being. Without stress, simply and intuitively!

PRIME Massage Chair


The 3D deep tissue massage mechanism joins the forces of the specialized mechanism for waist and buttocks. The effect? A synchronized massage, similar to a massage performed by exports with four hands.


The Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize to the inventor of graphene. PRIME offers graphene heating that doubles the efficiency of the massage, stimulates circulation, reduces pain and muscle stiffness.

PRIME Massage Chair

Two massage shafts for the back

Upright mechanism

The massage mechanism acts on the upper part, from the neck to the waist in a straight line along the back.

Flexible mechanism

The second mechanism provides a patented innovation that is capable of arching the back in a Thai massage manner.

PRIME Massage Chair

The warm nest of your house

In 2010, two physicists received the Nobel Prize for discovering graphene: a form of carbon with extraordinary properties that originates in the world of quantum physics.
This year, Komoder PRIME puts graphene at the service of your health. Used as a conductor of heat, this carbonic material surpasses the performances of all known materials. The infrared radiation produced is considered the ideal therapy for natural health care.

PRIME Massage Chair

Ergonomics and functionality

The simplicity of the exterior shape houses a dedicated interior for perfect comfort. The design of the PRIME massage chair reflects Komoder's patented technology. Elegant materials, subtle lighting and multimedia functions that come together so that while you enjoy your massage, you can fully relax in a premium and exclusive space.

PRIME Massage Chair

Ideal for your home

The PRIME massage chair needs only 5 cm from the wall: the massage chair slides forwards and reclines backwards thanks to two synchronized mechanisms that optimize space and offer a completely relaxing position. Its elegant design, with joints and volume games, make PRIME an exclusive element of well-being and decoration.

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PRIME Massage Chair

Unique, balanced, distinguished

PRIME uses elegant lines and contours united in a modernist aesthetic. The contrast between concave and convex forms a unique space that provides a unique feeling of privacy and security.

PRIME Massage Chair

Distinguished and elegant finishes

The side panels have seams and finishes that provide three-dimensionality and allow the PRIME massage chair to match most decorations and environments!

PRIME Massage Chair

We use the latest generation materials

Premium materials such as high-quality leather have passed the most demanding tests in accordance with RoHS standards. These materials also evoke a handmade luxury object.

PRIME Massage Chair


Advanced ecological materials

Made with advanced polyurethane synthetic leather, PRIME has an aesthetically fine and attractive texture, which offers a delicate and comfortable sensation from the first contact and whose cleaning requires only a damp cloth. PRIME complies with environmental and quality standards in accordance with the RoHS directive, which certify that only materials that are not harmful to humans and nature have been used in its creation.

Uniquely designed pads

With advanced polyurethane synthetic leather pads, PRIME identifies itself with a unique design and ensures that each part of the body is properly accommodated by one of the pads: A padded pad that covers the entire seat, the combination of a largeand another medium to cover the back and finally a small pad for the head.
PRIME pads are designed to provide a personalized experience for each user and allow for either gentle massage or removal to increase intensity and sensation.


Full control with one finger

The touch screen console makes all PRIME functions within reach with a simple finger, even the most advanced for the connection of mobile phones or tablets. The graphic icons have been carefully designed to make everything simple and intuitive. On the armrest it has 7 buttons for quick access to the basic functions of the massage chair.

PRIME Massage Chair


Kneading and synchronized pressure

Massage rollers offer a synchronized massage between kneading and pounding along the back to combat muscle stiffness.

Intense pressure

The massage rollers constantly press the specific points on the meridian of the back: the only pressures that eliminate your worries!

Shiatsu massage

Massage rollers apply pressure to the meridians and slide down the back to clear blockages.

Rhythmic percussions

The rollers perform the massage by means of rhythmic percussion on the meridian points and move towards the lower part of the back to provide a unique relaxation.

Delicate kneading

Eliminate muscle tension with these delicate movements: the rollers perform a rotating movement whose effects you will feel immediately.

Shiatsu 3D

The massage rollers rise up to 8 centimeters, offering a deep massage to the meridians and energy channels of the body.

From head to toe!


Massage that gathers the pinching, with the lifting and stretching of the neck, clears the mind and improves memory.


Pressed and kneaded for the shoulders. A perfect program after a day at the office in front of the computer, to eliminate all the contractures in your back. Eliminate pain and tension!

Shoulder pads

Sensitive area that needs a delicate and innovative therapy: this new program is perfect for training and relaxing the area, with beneficial effects for the back.


Improve the flexibility and mobility of the thoracic muscles thanks to a new chest stretch technique that mobilizes the entire rib cage. Breathe gently!


The Thai stretch helps to stretch the spinal muscles in the lower back, with beneficial long-term effects. Prevent future problems!

Plantar zone

18 air cushions incorporated in the plantar support and rapid heating system with graphene helps to quickly relax stiff muscles and stimulates blood circulation in the plantar area and feet.

Three rollers with bumps for the plantar area that offer additional stimulation of reflex points.

Sensitive? PRIME allows 5 settings for the intensity of the air massage in the plantar area.


The dual-role footrest, a patented innovation that offers both-way support and traction and automatically adjusts for users of various heights.

A friend who is always by your side

More and more of our life is linked to the use of mobile phones. PRIME helps you stay connected. The chair allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and listen to music through its integrated speaker system. It has a dedicated USB port that allows you to charge your mobile.

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Stereo speakers with surround effect

Do you want to close your eyes and let your body float completely thanks to PRIME air cushions? Accompany the relaxing experience with your favorite music through the NICAM stereo speakers that provide exceptional sound quality. The perfect combination to relax your body and soul.

PRIME Massage Chair

Technical specifications and characteristics

Timer Yes
Automatic Massage Programs 12
Automatic Reclining Yes
Footrest Extends automatically
Airbags in buttocks area Yes
Calf airbags Yes
Massage Rollers 3D
Back Massage Systems 2 Independent Systems
Calf Massage Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Heating For back and legs
Controller Touchscreen Tablet
Controller Stand Yes
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Client reviews

It is great. Thank you!
It's amazing, I have no words to describe the feeling. The stretching program is my favorite.
A unique experience, I already have the PRIME massage chair at home and we use it every day, Alexandra attended us, super attentive, polite and friendly, she answered any questions and took care of everything.
Hello, are you looking for a therapeutic massage chair? I wouldn't look any further, I have the Komoder PRIME model massage chair, it's the best on the market, I can't live without it, you contact a test and you don't accidentally get off one. I tried it in Barcelona Alejandra and a very kind girl attended me, she behaved very well and answered all my questions.
Delighted with my Prime chair. Indispensable after a hard day at work and delighted with Alejandra who was just as professional when it came to selling it to me as when I had a problem and they solved it quickly and that is appreciated. On top of being so far away (Almería) and everything by phone I always recommend you because I have had a good experience with you.
Magnificent treatment and attention. I bought two state-of-the-art armchairs to be able to offer welcome couples massages at my hotel 'Almazara de San Pedro'. A complete success. We have accompanied the armchairs with an immersive experience through the projection of images, smells and sounds.
I have bought the Prime model and the truth is that I am delighted. A great success to take care of my health. Alexandra very professional and very kind. A pleasure

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